Appliance Management App

Developed a centralized app using Unreal Engine for application development, and deployed it on Meta Quest 2, providing homeowners with a streamlined, futuristic, and immersive solution.

The story

In today’s modern households, managing the abundance of appliances has become increasingly complex. With each device requiring its own remote control or mobile app, homeowners often find themselves juggling multiple controls and apps, resulting in daily frustration. To tackle this challenge, we developed an innovative solution: a centralized mobile app capable of integrating with and controlling all household appliances. This app streamlines the user experience, providing a single, intuitive interface for managing everything from smart TVs and air conditioners to thermostats and lights. But we didn’t stop there – we took our innovation to the metaverse using Unreal Engine, creating an immersive and futuristic way to interact with household appliances.

The challenge

Modern households are equipped with an increasing complexity of appliances, including smart TVs, air conditioners, thermostats, and lights, each requiring its own remote control or mobile apps. The cluttered controls because of the presence of multiple devices with individual controls leads to a cluttered and confusing user experience. Daily frustration of juggling between multiple remotes and apps to manage household appliances becomes a daily frustration for homeowners.

The solution

To tackle these issues, we came up with a comprehensive solution: first, we created a single mobile app that can connect to and control all of your household appliances. This means you don’t need a bunch of different apps or remotes anymore. Second, the app was designed to be super easy to use, with one simple interface for managing everything. This makes your life much simpler. Now, homeowners can effortlessly control their smart TVs, air conditioners, thermostats, lights, and more, all from one place, getting rid of the hassle of dealing with multiple remotes and apps.

The outcome

Our innovative approach not only made managing household appliances easier but also elevated user interaction by integrating our solution into the metaverse. This led to significant outcomes: We used Unreal Engine to showcase our solution in the metaverse, creating a futuristic and immersive way to interact with household appliances. Tech stack included Unreal Engine for app development, Blender for asset creation, Epic’s online subsystem for web services, a dedicated backend for web APIs and data management, and Meta Quest 2 for deployment and testing. In conclusion, our centralized app and metaverse integration have transformed how homeowners engage with their appliances, providing convenience, efficiency, and a glimpse into the future of home automation.

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