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MVP in 8 weeks.

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“55 took time to get to know our customers’ needs and were able to design a solution that significantly improved their experience with our platform resulting in increased users.”
Sahir Ahmed
Founder & CTO

How we go from
0 to MVP in 8 weeks

As standard, all MVP projects come with a dedicated project manager, development team and quality assurance. The rest depends on what you need. We build the quickest, most efficient MVP package for your needs that broadly follows this process:


Build a plan
and get a price

Our founders, tech and product experts learn about your vision and your business then build a product strategy and roadmap that maximises your chance of success. You’ll get a project plan broken down into manageable milestones with transparent costs for each stage.


your product

Whether you’re starting from zero or you’ve got fully fledged designs you want to bring to life, our UX/UI experts will ensure your product is fit for the high demands of today’s users. We combine competitor research, data analysis and decades of experience building high performing products to produce dev-ready wireframes in just 2 weeks.  


Bring your
design to life

Our experienced developers will guide you on the best tech stack for your product. Following Agile principles, we work in sprints to plan, implement and test each completed phase of the project for faster, better output first time. 

Our dedicated quality assurance team will take your MVP through rigorous testing to ensure it meets all performance, accessibility and compliance needs.


Launch your
MVP in market

To prepare for an MVP launch, we help you define and install analytics to measure the performance of your product and gain user insights. We’ll advise how best to use this data to iterate your MVP and product strategy so you’re armed with an action plan for investors.


Iterate, improve
and build

Post-launch, we’ll build a product roadmap in response to early feedback from users and investors. Our developers are on hand to respond to change requests within 24 hours.

Our approach

We specialise in building products for early stage startup and SMEs.
You need fast, cost-effective solutions to scale your business.

Get to Market Quicker

Data is key to making business and product decisions, the sooner you’re live the quicker you can iterate to find market fit.

Maximise ROI

Our MVP packages can be custom built to suite any budget. We’re experts in acheving investor-ready products that fit the needs of early stage start ups but leave room to scale over time.

Future-proofed Tech

Your MVP is just the start of the journey, with 200+ developers across an impressive tech stack, we build innovative products that meet the growing needs of consumers across a range of industries.

We work in your preferred tech stack

Join hundreds of innovative
founders launching products with 55

Sahir Ahmed
Sahir Ahmed
Qopla, Founder & CTO
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"55 took time to get to know our customers’ needs and were able to design a solution that significantly improved their experience with our platform resulting in increased users."
Megha Manchanda
Megha Manchanda
VP of People Operations, LiveLike
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"We were delighted by their collaborative environment and technical expertise. They are flexible in work timings, Requirements gathering, and take ownership. We selected FiftyFive Technologies over others because of their Great culture fit, Good value for cost, and Company values."
Govind Gagoria
Govind Gagoria
Director & CEO, Auggit
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"FiftyFive Technologies has delivered the project on time, meeting the client's expectations. They have communicated frequently and promptly in person and via virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their work culture and company values have been hallmarks of their work."


Launch your MVP
to market in 8 weeks