Automating Operations

Leveraged a technology stack encompassing BQ Console, VS Code, Looker Studio, Linear, Python, and SQL to devise an innovative solution. Their contributions encompassed streamlining onboarding, enhancing data ingestion for deeper insights, automating order dispute management, and integrating workflows, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness for the platform.

The story

The client has a US-based startup in the food tech domain, recognized as one of the Top 10 AI startups in 2022 by Well Found. They offer a co-pilot platform for food brand management, empowering teams to minimize errors, stay ahead of food trends, and boost revenue through data-driven smart workflows. The client aimed to revolutionize restaurant management by addressing various challenges faced by modern food brands and restaurant owners. They wanted to leverage data, automation, and machine learning to streamline operations and increase profitability.

The challenge

The client encountered a series of challenges on its journey to revolutionize restaurant management. Firstly, the time-consuming process of simplifying the onboarding of new food delivery platforms, aiming to expedite market entry for restaurants. Secondly, managing the influx of data, including copious orders and reports from diverse delivery platforms, demanded a more efficient approach to data ingestion and management. To bolster customer satisfaction, the client sought to automate the often labor-intensive handling of order disputes.

Coordinating a multitude of tasks and workflows across diverse platforms presented a significant organizational hurdle that needed to be overcome for optimal efficiency and communication. Additionally, the client aimed to empower restaurateurs with the tools and insights necessary for data-driven decision-making, a critical element in the modern food industry. Lastly, staying ahead of ever-evolving consumer preferences and food trends posed an ongoing challenge in an industry marked by rapid change and innovation.

The solution

A team of six skilled members frontend developers, backend engineers, business analysts, and data engineers, devised a comprehensive and innovative solution to tackle the multifaceted challenges they encountered. Leveraging a technology stack that featured BQ Console, VS Code, Looker Studio, Linear, Python, and SQL, they introduced several pivotal enhancements. Notably, they streamlined the onboarding process, allowing for the hassle-free uploading of CSV files to expedite and error-proof the onboarding of new stores. Their work also led to enhanced data ingestion capabilities, offering a deeper understanding of business operations. We automated the submission and tracking of order disputes, substantially reducing manual labor and enhancing efficiency. Moreover, the integration of data ingestion with a cohesive workflow system ensured the smooth orchestration of operations, contributing to the platform’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

The outcome

Our efforts have yielded remarkable outcomes across multiple fronts. Their streamlined onboarding process facilitated faster platform adoption, reducing barriers for new users. The introduction of enhanced insights empowered users to make data-driven decisions, a crucial factor in today’s competitive food industry. Through automated dispute resolution, the client not only expedited the resolution of order issues but also elevated customer satisfaction levels. Additionally, their focus on improved organization enhanced platform efficiency and overall user experience. In conclusion, the client’s dedication to revolutionizing restaurant management with data, automation, and machine learning has resulted in substantial enhancements in onboarding, data analytics, dispute resolution, and platform organization, ultimately enabling food entrepreneurs to concentrate on their core passion: crafting exceptional culinary experiences.

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